How does Thomas solve the problem of evil

Paper details: I will provide to the writer a copy of the one and only source needed to write up the essay.
Comments from Support Team: The name of the book (27 page pdf file sent to you) is Archetypes of Wisdom by Douglas J. Soccio-

The paper is meant to be an extended essay, not a research paper. Please read the 27 page pdf attachment submitted in order to write the essay answering the two questions bellow. You are not to use outside sources besides the information submitted by me, but you certainly may use MLA style for citations and works cited; from the information submitted by me, just page numbers is okay.

In summary—but thorough—form, state Aquinas’s Five Ways for proving the existence of God. Which of the Five Ways do you think is the strongest and/or the weakest?  Explain why.


State the problem of evil, and explain how the traditional Judeo-Christian concept of God generates the problem of evil. How does Thomas solve the problem of ?  What do you think of his solution?  Explain.


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