The modern alphabet is akin to what ancient alphabet?Choose one answer. a. Cuneiform b. Hieroglyphs c. Phoenician alphabet d. Meiotic Question 2Apollo was the Greek god of the sun & music. Answer: True FalseQuestion 3Gaia is considered one of the original Greek deities.Answer: True FalseQuestion 4Which of the following was NOT one of the Great Pyramid builders?Choose one answer. a. Khufu b. Menkaura c. Tutankhamen d. Khafra Question 5Which adjective best describes the Assyrians?Choose one answer. a. Incompetent b. Weak c. Kind d. Ruthless Question 6Zeus was the Greek god of the Sea.Answer: True FalseQuestion 7Sparta was the head of the Peloponnesian League.Answer: True FalseQuestion 8 The law code of “eye for an eye” comes from Choose one answer. a. Solon Constitution b. Napoleonic law codes c. Twelve Tables d. Hammurabi’s law codes Question 9What is your instructor’s last name? Answer: beltonQuestion 10Irrigation was developed in the Paleolithic Period.Answer: True FalseQuestion 11Egypt practiced monotheism during the reign of which pharaoh?Choose one answer. a. Akhenaten b. Ramses II c. Hatshepsut d. Tutankhamen Question 12Xerxes and Leonidas fought in the Battle of Marathon.Answer:True FalseQuestion 13In an effort to protect democracy, Athenians gathered together and voted for the most popular man. Individuals who won were exiled for ten years. What is this practice called? Choose one answer. a. Shaking off of burdens b. Ostracism c. Tyranny d. Cleaning house Question 14Minoan society was located on the Island of Crete.Answer: True FalseQuestion 15Which statement is NOT true concerning Spartan society? Choose one answer. a. Male Spartans resided with their mothers until the age of 18. b. Male Spartans were trained not to show weakness c. Spartan babies were examined, and if found to have flaws, they died due to exposure d. Male Spartans were encouraged to steal food to supplement their diet Question 16Who is power is responsible for invading Troy? Choose one answer. a. Minoans b. Mycenaeans c. Sumerians d. Egyptians Question 17Who successfully unified Upper and Lower Egypt? Choose one answer. a. Ramses b. Amenhotep I c. Narmer d. Thutmose III Question 18The pharaoh on earth was the embodiment of which deity?Choose one answer. a. Osiris b. Re c. Isis d. Horus Question 19Cuneiform was invented in Egypt.Answer: True FalseQuestion 20Farming began during the Neolithic Period.Answer:True FalseQuestion 21Sparta led the Delian League.Answer:True FalseQuestion 22Farming began during the Paleolithic Age. Answer:True FalseQuestion 23Amon-Re was the Egyptian god of the underworld.Answer:True FalseQuestion 24 What is Hebrew law based? Choose one answer. a. Hammurabi’s Code b. 10 Cammandments c. Twelve Tables d. Solon Constitution Question 25Upper and Lower Egypt was unified in ______.Choose one answer. a. 3100 BCE b. 1010 BCE c. 990 BCE d. 2500 BCE Question 26Enlil was the chief god of Sumer.Answer:True False

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