Question 1(4 points)″ alt=”Question 1 unsaved” title=”Question 1 unsaved”>The British system of providing trading benefits for all Commonwealth members while excluding foreign competition was calledQuestion 1 options:Imperial PreferenceEnglish RulesThe Royal AccordsParliamentary trading systemSaveQuestion 2(4 points)″ alt=”Question 2 unsaved” title=”Question 2 unsaved”>This Bolshevik revolutionary would lead the Russian nation by November 1917.Question 2 options:Joseph StalinAlexander KerenskyMatthias ErzbergerVladimir LeninSaveQuestion 3(4 points)″ alt=”Question 3 unsaved” title=”Question 3 unsaved”>Tanks in WWIQuestion 3 options:were predominately used by the Germanswere never deployedplayed a limited by growing role for the Allies and the U.S. by the end of the warwere invented by Americans who gave them to the AlliesSaveQuestion 4(4 points)″ alt=”Question 4 unsaved” title=”Question 4 unsaved”>The Kellogg-Briand Treaty declared this illegal:Question 4 options:aggressive warhigh tariffsSubmarine tacticsCereal shipments to the Soviet UnionSaveQuestion 5(4 points)″ alt=”Question 5 unsaved” title=”Question 5 unsaved”>In 1917 thia nation’s army had a large scale mutiny on the Western Front.Question 5 options:FranceBritainGermanyRussiaSaveQuestion 6(4 points)″ alt=”Question 6 unsaved” title=”Question 6 unsaved”>This punishing treaty ended the war between Germany and RussiaQuestion 6 options:Treaty of Brest-LitovskTreaty of MoscowTreaty of BerlinTreaty of VersaillesSaveQuestion 7(4 points)″ alt=”Question 7 unsaved” title=”Question 7 unsaved”>The British and French were unable to drive the Ottoman Empire from this peninsula at opening of the strategic Dardanelles passage:Question 7 options:ConstantinopleGibraltarThe SuezGallipoliSaveQuestion 8(4 points)″ alt=”Question 8 unsaved” title=”Question 8 unsaved”>This British peace movement organized its members to disavow war.Question 8 options:Peace Pledge UnionSay no to warPeace NowBrits against WarSaveQuestion 9(4 points)″ alt=”Question 9 unsaved” title=”Question 9 unsaved”>The Zimmerman Telegraph was a German offer sent to help retake territory previously lost by this nationQuestion 9 options:SpainMexicoAustria-HungaryCanadaSaveQuestion 10(4 points)″ alt=”Question 10 unsaved” title=”Question 10 unsaved”>This term describes a war waged by all aspects of society: civilian, economic, industrial, military.Question 10 options:final wartotal warComplete WarBlitzkriegSaveQuestion 11(4 points)″ alt=”Question 11 unsaved” title=”Question 11 unsaved”>In which country did the U.S. NOT intervene from 1919-1930:Question 11 options:HondurasPeruChinaRussiaSaveQuestion 12(4 points)″ alt=”Question 12 unsaved” title=”Question 12 unsaved”>In August 1914, the Allies included:Question 12 options:BritainThe United StatesGermanyItalySaveQuestion 13(4 points)″ alt=”Question 13 unsaved” title=”Question 13 unsaved”>This goal of this pseudoscience was to control (or halt) the reproduction rate of so-called inferior people.Question 13 options:DianeticsDadaismEugenicsDegenerationSaveQuestion 14(4 points)″ alt=”Question 14 unsaved” title=”Question 14 unsaved”>The name of Mussolini’s political party wasQuestion 14 options:The Italian Fascist PartyThe Marxist PartyThe National SocialistsUnited FrontSaveQuestion 15(4 points)″ alt=”Question 15 unsaved” title=”Question 15 unsaved”>This massive German push against a well-defended French town stalled in June 1916:Question 15 options:MontpelierVerdunParisGallipoliSaveQuestion 16(4 points)″ alt=”Question 16 unsaved” title=”Question 16 unsaved”>The Washington Naval Conference was the first example ofQuestion 16 options:an effort by the US to ally with the Soviet Uniona global disarmanent movement.the League of Nations in sessionthe first use of British code-breakersSaveQuestion 17(4 points)″ alt=”Question 17 unsaved” title=”Question 17 unsaved”>The September 1935 laws that deprived German Jews of many basic rights are refered to as:Question 17 options:The Final Solutionthe Anti-Jewish LawsThe Nuremberg Lawsthe Cleansing LawsSaveQuestion 18(4 points)″ alt=”Question 18 unsaved” title=”Question 18 unsaved”>In 1919 this self-titled movement attempted an unsuccessful Russian-style revolution in Germany.Question 18 options:The Spartacist Leaguethe National SocialistsThe AlborsThe Red BrigadeSaveQuestion 19(4 points)″ alt=”Question 19 unsaved” title=”Question 19 unsaved”>This international organization came out of the ashes of WWI.Question 19 options:League of NationsThe Justice AllianceThe Triple EntenteThe United NationsSaveQuestion 20(4 points)″ alt=”Question 20 unsaved” title=”Question 20 unsaved”>F.D.R.’s New Deal policy involvedQuestion 20 options:Direct government intervention in the economymassive taxcuts to jump start the economycreating the federal income taxgave lots of assistance to industry and nothing for agriculture.SaveQuestion 21(4 points)″ alt=”Question 21 unsaved” title=”Question 21 unsaved”>At the Battle of Ypres, the Germans used the terrible weapon against the French:Question 21 options:artillerypoisonous gasbiologicalthe U-boatSaveQuestion 22(4 points)″ alt=”Question 22 unsaved” title=”Question 22 unsaved”>March 1917 marked this nation’s slide into revolution and civil war.Question 22 options:BritainGermanyChinaRussiaSaveQuestion 23(4 points)″ alt=”Question 23 unsaved” title=”Question 23 unsaved”>Stalin used his secret police force to murder hundreds of thousands of Russian people.Question 23 options:GPU (State Political Adminstration)The GestapoThe KGBThe Red GuardSaveQuestion 24(4 points)″ alt=”Question 24 unsaved” title=”Question 24 unsaved”>What was the only major nation to deny women even some form of suffrager between WWI and WWII?Question 24 options:FranceThe United StatesGermanyThe Soviet UnionSaveQuestion 25(4 points)″ alt=”Question 25 unsaved” title=”Question 25 unsaved”>The American epicenter of the Jazz was located here:Question 25 options:HarlemNashvilleLos AngelesDetroitSaveQuestion 26(4 points)″ alt=”Question
26 unsaved” title=”Question 26 unsaved”>The Eastern Front in WWI mostly had battles between these nations:Question 26 options:Germany and RussiaThe United States and GermanyAustria-Hungary and FranceGermany and FranceSaveQuestion 27(4 points)″ alt=”Question 27 unsaved” title=”Question 27 unsaved”>In May 1917 this legislation led to the draft in the United States.Question 27 options:WWI Army ActAmerican Draft ActSelective Service ActThe Zimmerman ActSaveQuestion 28(4 points)″ alt=”Question 28 unsaved” title=”Question 28 unsaved”>While in jail, Hitler wrote this prophetic book which was a blueprint for his terrible actions during the Third Reich.Question 28 options:For the FatherlandYour StuggleMein FurherMein KampfSaveQuestion 29(4 points)″ alt=”Question 29 unsaved” title=”Question 29 unsaved”>Hitler’s Political Party (translated into English) was calledQuestion 29 options:United Fascist PartyThe S.S.The National Socialists PartyFatherland PartySaveQuestion 30(4 points)″ alt=”Question 30 unsaved” title=”Question 30 unsaved”>This type of warfare typified the western front. It included barbed wire, deep dugouts, and machine guns.Question 30 options:panzer warfareforward defenseno man’s landtrench warfareSaveQuestion 31(4 points)″ alt=”Question 31 unsaved” title=”Question 31 unsaved”>The initial spark that set off WWI was between Austria-Hungary and:Question 31 options:ItalyRussiaSerbiaCroatiaSaveQuestion 32(4 points)″ alt=”Question 32 unsaved” title=”Question 32 unsaved”>This punitive treaty ended WWI.Question 32 options:The Berlin TreatyThe 14 PointsTreaty of MoscowThe Treaty of VersaillesSaveQuestion 33(4 points)″ alt=”Question 33 unsaved” title=”Question 33 unsaved”>Hitler’s secret police force was known asQuestion 33 options:Der Fuhrer MachtThe GestapoThe WehrmachtThe Blue shirtsSaveQuestion 34(4 points)″ alt=”Question 34 unsaved” title=”Question 34 unsaved”>This international body was the predessor of the United Nations:Question 34 options:The Geneva AccordsThe Central PowersThe League of NationsThe Security CouncilSaveQuestion 35(4 points)″ alt=”Question 35 unsaved” title=”Question 35 unsaved”>The resumption of this type of strategy in the Atlantic helped push the United States in enter the war against GermanyQuestion 35 options:Unlimited submarine warfaremining New York Harborblockade of Canadaair raids on shipsSaveQuestion 36(4 points)″ alt=”Question 36 unsaved” title=”Question 36 unsaved”>Italy in WWI:Question 36 options:was a founding member of the Triple Ententewas an Allied nation in the beginning of the war and switched to the Central Powers in 1916.remained neutraljoined the Triple Entente in 1915SaveQuestion 37(4 points)″ alt=”Question 37 unsaved” title=”Question 37 unsaved”>The Triple Entente included these nations:Question 37 options:Italy, Germany, and JapanBritain, France, and RussiaGermany, the United States, and FranceAustria-Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman EmpireSaveQuestion 38(4 points)″ alt=”Question 38 unsaved” title=”Question 38 unsaved”>This group of Russian women were an organized combat unit:Question 38 options:The AvengersBattalion of DeathWomen of RussiaLady HeroesSaveQuestion 39(4 points)″ alt=”Question 39 unsaved” title=”Question 39 unsaved”>These two factors led to the European conflict going global:Question 39 options:interconnecting web of colonies and secret alliancesreligious ties and the need for population growthfears of American power and Japanese expansionGerman plans in South America and the Austrian-Hungary navy blockadeSaveQuestion 40(4 points)″ alt=”Question 40 unsaved” title=”Question 40 unsaved”>Sudeten Germans lived in this nation before being taken over by Hitler.Question 40 options:PolandAustriaCzechoslovakiaFranceSave

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