Question 1(2 points)″ alt=”Question 1 unsaved” title=”Question 1 unsaved”>One of the important Bourbon Reforms included realigning presidios to more effectively fend off Apache attacks in Northern New Spain.Question 1 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 2(2 points)″ alt=”Question 2 unsaved” title=”Question 2 unsaved”>As governor of New Mexico, Juan Bautista de Anza successfully manipulated some Indian groups to fight against the Apaches.Question 2 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 3(2 points)″ alt=”Question 3 unsaved” title=”Question 3 unsaved”>After gaining independence form Spain, the country of Mexico divided itself into states. This greatly enhanced Mexico’s ability to defend its Northern frontier.Question 3 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 4(2 points)″ alt=”Question 4 unsaved” title=”Question 4 unsaved”>Land grants awarded by the Mexican government proved to be an effective strategy for both populating and safeguarding its important population centers in the north.Question 4 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 5(2 points)″ alt=”Question 5 unsaved” title=”Question 5 unsaved”>The concept of Manifest Destiny had little to do with the U. S.-Mexico War of 1846.Question 5 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 6(2 points)″ alt=”Question 6 unsaved” title=”Question 6 unsaved”>The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo allowed the United States to annex New Mexico, Arizona, California (and other parts of the Southwest) and confirm its title to Texas.Question 6 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 7(2 points)″ alt=”Question 7 unsaved” title=”Question 7 unsaved”>The Gadsden Purchase allowed the United States to acquire more land in Mexico, including all of Baja California for $10 million.Question 7 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 8(2 points)″ alt=”Question 8 unsaved” title=”Question 8 unsaved”>Mangas Coloradas and Cochise were both important Navajo war chiefs.Question 8 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 9(2 points)″ alt=”Question 9 unsaved” title=”Question 9 unsaved”>Steamboats greatly accelerated the development of the lower Colorado River.Question 9 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 10(2 points)″ alt=”Question 10 unsaved” title=”Question 10 unsaved”>Mining in Arizona during the mid 1800’s was beset by ethnic conflict and racism.Question 10 options:TrueFalse

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