Hi There ,

I am trying to solve the below questions related to – Blockbuster, Inc.: A Giant at the Crossroads – Case Analysis .

  What are the critical strategic management and competitive issues facing the company at this time?

2.      What are the external environmental forces that have strategic implications for the company's success in the immediate future?

3.      What elements of Blockbuster's strategy are relevant to current conditions?

4.      What do you know about Keyes, and based on his record, how might his previous experiences be applied to Blockbuster's current situation in the market place?

5.      Based upon your brief analysis of the Case, suggestions can you bring, to the upcoming meeting, in the areas of changing the current business model and in expanding the distribution channel by new channel entry and new channel partnerships?

Can i seek your assistance to solve the above questions ? Do let me know if you need any further clarification or data around the same. Thanks.


Rakesh K Chandhok

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