I am in need for my research paper to get the chapter on methodology done. I am doing some investigating research into employees resistance to change in Robotic Process Automation and how resistance can be managed.

My approach is subjective, as I work in that domain. I have interviewed both consultants that implement solutions and managers within organisations. The interviews were by mail, due to the time constraints they were under. I want this to be an interpretivism approach. I am looking at how the situation looks during all phases of implementation, but not of 1 project, but in general.

The research uses a model for all the RPA stages of implementation and tries to relate it to change management theory, about solutions to the resistance to change. The focus is personal resistance.

I am looking for 20 pages. Deadline 5 days

Could this be done?

What would be the price?

Do you need more details of what I am doing?


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