Hello, I really need help with these answers… #8 is the only one I am having a hard time with which has 3 questions please if someone can help me!??

8. Write and Execute the commands to obtain the following information from the system catalog. The section “System Catalog” in your eBook (Chapter 7, page 218) contains a number of related examples on the SQL commands that obtain information from the system catalog. Please note that all the all SQL examples in the eBook (for example Figure 7-24) obtain information “DBA” tables. In all of the following questions I have changed “DBA” to “ALL” in order to allow your SQL commands to execute properly.

a.      List every column (i.e., COLUMN_NAME) in the PUBLISHER table and its associated data type (i.e., DATA_TYPE)?

b. List every table (i.e. TABLE_NAME) that contains a column (i.e., COLUMN_NAME) that is named PUBLISHER_CODE?

c. List the table name (i.e., TABLE_NAME), column name (COLUMN_NAME), and data type (i.e., DATA_TYPE) for the columns named BOOK_CODE, TITLE, and PRICE. Order the results by table name within column name. (That is, column name is the major sort key and table name is the minor sort key.)?

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