Have you heard of Rita Crundwell? Dixon, Illinois has become famous for a huge fraud case involving Rita Crundwell. A town of 16,000 people experienced fraud in the worst way.

Please listen to the podcast “The Stories Numbers Tell: How One Woman Stole $53 million over Twenty Years” located at “https://www.acfe.com/popepodcast”

There was a documentary produced called “All the Queen's Horses” produced about this fraud. It should be available on Netflix if you are interested in watching it. You don't have to watch it to respond to this discussion question.   I am familiar with this case, so I don't want you to give me a synopsis.

I want you to tell me what about this case specifically interests or bothers you. What is the most interesting thing you learned from listening to this podcast, researching this case or watching the movie. Could this happen in your town? Why or why not? How was this fraud discovered?

Find a news story from 2019 on a company buying back its stock.  Are stock buy backs a good thing or a bad thing?  From which perspective are you responding…the company or the investor?  

How does a company buying back its shares ultimately affect the economy? Please use at least two outside sources and be sure to cite them properly.

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