Good Day all , pls help me on thye below .

Modern computers have evolved from the great behemoths of the 1950’s and 1950’s to the much smaller and more powerful computers that surround us today. Even with all of the great advances in computer technology that have been made in the past few decades, the five basic unit of the von Neumann model ate still distinguishable in modern computers. Another view of a computer system consists of hardware, operating system, system program and application programs.

There are many different aspects and types of a computer system including:

1.Big Data

2. The internet of things


Select any one of above topic and write a report of about 1500 words. Things to include in the report .

An introduction of the selected topic (200 words).

A general discussion of the major components (or 5W1H) of the topic (500 words).

An in-depth discussion of a particular component or application of the selected topic (500 word).

Future trends relating to the topic (200 words).

Conclusion (100 words).

ENCOURAGED to use textbooks or journals, article or relevant websites.


DO NOT COPY or USE Wikipedia as a source of information for assignment.

thank in advance

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