Go to the Web site of a private not-for-profit college or university such as Duke (www.duke.edu), Vanderbilt (www.vanderbilt.edu), Notre Dame (www.nd.edu), or Georgetown (www.georgetown.edu) and locate the latest set of financial statements for the institution. As an alternative, write to the vice president of finance at your institution and request the most recent financial statements. Required Use this report to answer the following questions and document where in the report you located the relevant information: 1. What was the percentage of financial aid to total student tuition and fees? Show your calculation. 2. Did the school report any pledges receivable and, if so, for how much? What amount is not to be collected within one year? 3. Looking at the school’s expenses, what was the total amount spent on educating the students, and what was spent on research during the period? List the items you include for each category. 4. What was the total amount donated to the school during the previous year? 5. What was the total amount of temporarily restricted net assets and permanently restricted net assets? 6. What was the unrealized gain or loss on the school’s investments (caused by changes in fair value) and the realized gain or loss (caused by sales of these investments)? 7. Compare the amount earned in tuition and student fees to the amount of education expenses incurred by the school to determine whether it generated a profit or a loss this past year on educatin

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