Remember, there is no right or wrong answer as to whether or not you would invest in Korzan. The key to this individual coursework assignment is how you rationalise your decision. Please ensure you answer the questions below, using the template provided to structure your report (1500 words max). Given your analysis on the market and the opportunity, do you believe the founder’s ‘ask’ is at a fair valuation? Having assessed the founder’s capital requirements and hiring plan, do you agree with their proposed execution? What is the business model and its potential growth prospects? Would you adjust any of the assumptions in the management forecast? If so, which ones? Why is the market exciting (or not)? What gaps exist in the founding team?

Please be sure to make use of the Exhibits of the case study and the Korzan systems model spreadsheet provided as part of your analysis.

Marking Criteria
Students should demonstrate an understanding of market analysis, venture opportunity assessment and company valuations.

Students will also be judged by: Coherence and depth of argument presented in the written report. Concise and convincing analysis of the evidence presented in the case.

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