Give an expression in SQL for the following relational database schema (NOT Relational Algebra). Note that you will have to supply arbitrary data that will enable you to obtain results for the commands. Show all tables and data that are used in the problem and the results. What is the difference between DELETE and DROP statements? What is subquery in SQL? Write a SQL query to find the names of employees that begin with ‘A’? Write a SQL query to get the Fourth highest salary of an employee from any employee_table?

Use the following schemas for the next set of questions.

Employee (employee-id, person_name, street, city)

Works (person_name, company_name, salary)

Company (company_name, city)

Manages(person_name, manager_name)

Find the names of all employees whose salary is higher than 80000 and live on Broad St. Find the names of all employees that start with ‘Hi’ and end with ‘n’ and also live on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. Find the names, street address, and cities of residence of all employees who work for Suntrust and earn less than 100,000 but more than 60,000 per year. Delete the records of all employees living in Greensboro from the Employee table that live on Tate Street. [No need to show this table] Determine the average salary of the employees who do not live in Greensboro. Rename the average salary as “Avg_Sal”.   [Note: use ‘<>’ or ‘!=’ ] a. Write a short Java Program that shows how SQL commands and JDBC can be used to connect the two. (See JDBC/ODBC Connections Lecture Notes ‘CS267 – SQL Injection, Security, and JDBC’).

b. Write a short paragraph 3-4 lines about the dangers of techniques like SQL Injection.

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