Foreign Policy

The purpose of this essay is for you to analyze and compare two NGOs that work in the same general area.

You are to find the home page of the NGO Global Network, at

Once you’re on the site, click Links. You’ll see an alphabetical list of topics. Find a topic that interests you, and click it– this will reveal a list of NGOs that work in that particular topic. As you do this, keep in mind that some Web sites may be temporarily down– so be sure you are working with two active Web sites that deal with the same issue.  (If you want use NGO Web sites that aren’t on this list, that’s fine– just make sure they deal with the same issue.)

You need to closely study any two Web sites of any two different NGOs that are listed within the same topic. In studying these topics, you will want to notice three things about the two sites that are similar, and three things that are different. You’ll also want to note any references on either Web site that talk about any of the three branches of the –if they don’t, make sure you say that in your essay. You’ll want to use the ideas from our discussions about Web sites, interest groups, and bias, and analyze each Web site using those ideas. Finally, using any two major ideas from our discussion of Foreign Policy, you’ll want to explain which NGO seems to be the most effective, and why.

Points will be awarded for this activity as follows:
Links of each NGO’s Web site are included your essay (no points will be awarded for this activity if the links are not attached)

The essay is at least 400 words long and demonstrates the proper use of paragraphs (no credit will be given if these conditions are not met);

Your essay includes three similarities and three differences of each Web site (0-4 points);

Your essay identifies whether or not each Web site mentions each of the three branches of government. (0-3 points); (Executive, Legislative and Judicial)

Your essay includes discussion of one major concept from each of our discussions on Web sites, interest groups, and bias (0-4 points);

Discussions about: Giveaways from the government to people, Economic and .

Interest Groups: Will provide at later time

Bias: Media, Advertising, Corporate, Mainstream and concision

Your essay includes two major concepts from our discussion on Foreign Policy and NGOs to build an opinion on which NGO is most effective (0-4 points). (still not posted)


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