Forctis Sport Ray Stohler is a sales analyst at Forctis Sport, a chain of sporting goods stores located in the western United States. Ray is working on a sales report that will detail customer purchases of Forctis Sport's line of cycling products. He has CSV files with two years of sales data. Ray wants you to compare website sales with brick-and-mortar store sales over that period He also wants you to explore whether growing interest in women's cycling apparel is reflected in clothing sales at the company. Complete the following: 1. Open the Forctis workbook located in the Excell 1 > Case3 folder included with your Data Files, and then save the workbook as Forctis Sport in the location specified by your instructor. 2. In the Documentation worksheet, enter your name and the date. 3. In the Sales Trend worksheet, use the Query Editor to connect to the Forctis Sales CSV file located in the Exce111 > Case3 folder, and then do the following: a. Remove all columns except the Sales Date and Revenue columns. b. Create a column named Month that stores the end-of-month date for each transaction. c. Group the data by the Month column, creating a new column named Monthly Revenue that displays the sum of the revenue values for each of the 24 months in the data. d. Change the name of the query to Monthly Revenue and then load the query to an Excel table, starting in cell A4 of the Sales Trend worksheet. e. Format the monthly revenue values in the range B5:B28 as currency with no decimal places. 4. In the Sales Trend worksheet, insert a scatter chart with straight lines of the data in the range A4:B28 resized to cover the range C4:L22. Format the chart so that it is easy to read and interpret. 5. Add a linear trendline to the chart to highlight the general trend of the monthly sales over the past two years, even with the seasonal variation in sales. 6. Based on the data in the range A4:B28, create a forecast sheet named Revenue Forecast that projects monthly sales up to 12/31/2020 assuming a 12-month seasonal period and including a 95 percent confidence interval for the projections. Resize the forecast chart to cover the range C2:E23. Note that the increasingly wider confidence band around the projected values indicates that the forecast is less precise farther into the future. Move the worksheet after the Sales Trend sheet. " ' "

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