Assignment Overview:
For this assignment, you are going to build a basic airline booking system. To do this, you are given a list
of files that you will need to create. These will be a mix of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP files. Within some
of your PHP files, you will be required to connect to and execute SQL statements on a database. This
database will be given to you and will be associated only with your TWA site.
Every concept or skill within this assignment has been demonstrated in lecture or has been part of a
practical class exercise. You will be combining all these concepts and skills to build your basic eCommerce
Design and Styling
Within lectures and your practical classes you have been given the styling and design that needs to be met
either via CSS or via a figure. For this major web assignment though, you must design and style your own
site. You can adopt what has been given in your Practical Class exercises or you can start from scratch.
Either way, you must design and style your site so it is professional looking. Your chosen design and styling
will be assessed.
Javascript and PHP Validation
All forms or where a user can provide input needs to be validated with both Javascript and PHP. HTML 5
validation will not be accepted as a valid form of validation.
Web Application Assignment Database
You have been provided with your own copy of the database called cooper_flights on your TWA site. To
access this database, you have to use a username and password.

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