For the transient creep model of Fig. 15.27(b), perform the following tasks:

(a) Show that the recovery of creep strain after removal of a constant stress is given by Eq. 15.43. (Hint: During recovery, stresses E2ε in the spring and η2 in the dashpot must sum to the value of zero for the parallel combination.)

(b) A spring E1 is added in series to form an elastic, transient creep model, as in Fig. 15.27

(c). The constants are E1 = 6 GPa, E2 = 3 GPa, and η2 = 105 GPa·s. Determine and plot the strain–time response of this model if a stress of σ = 15 MPa is quickly applied, held constant for one day, and then removed, with the strain allowed to recover for one additional day.

Figure 15.27

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