fill in the blanks with the information given.
Kaitlin Cavallo & 01/29/20 1:36 PM Homework: Chapter 2 part B homework Save co Score: 0 of 1 pt HW Score: 22.22%, 2 of 9 pts 4 of 9 (2 complete) v E2-21 (similar to) Question Help In December 2018, the first five transactions of Acker Small Engine Repair Company have been posted to the T-accounts. Prepare the journal entries that served as rk the sources for the five transactions. Include an explanation for each entry (Click the icon to view the T-accounts.) Tei Prepare each transaction in order according to the reference number shown in the accounts provided. (Record debits first, then credits. Select the explanation on the last line of the journal entry.) Accounts and Explanation Credit Debit (1) Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer. 4 Parts remaining Check Answer Clear All to Data Table exp sac nal Office Supplies Building Equipment Cash 35,000 4,100 (1) 56,000 35,000 (3) (4) 47,000 4,100 (5) (5) (2) (3) 600 Accounts Payable Notes Payable Common Stock 56,000 (1) 600 (2) 47,000 (4) Print Done ist

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