Federal Road Funds

Issue Analysis

Select one topic below and submit one document 2–3 pages in length to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 1 that addresses the issues below.

Topic 1: Federal Road Funds for Speed Limit Enforcement

When the federal government wanted to impose a national speed limit, rather than enacting legislation to this end, it threatened to withhold federal road funds from states that refused to impose a 55-mile-per-hour limit.

Do you think this was a valid way to exercise federal authority? Why do you think Congress did not simply legislate a national speed limit?

Include a discussion of the reason the federal government may have chosen to accomplish the goal in this manner and the pros and cons of using this technique.

Topic 2: Gambling

Scenario: State law prohibits any form of gambling. In response to public opinion and also because there appears to be significant opportunity to generate additional revenue for the state, the legislature wishes to amend state law to permit betting on dog races at state-licensed dog tracks. To oversee this new industry, the state legislature is considering authorizing the state’s Department of Revenue to license dog tracks and oversee the dog racing and gambling industry.

Assume you are an aide to a state legislator. You have been assigned to draft the new legislation authorizing the Department of Revenue to assume new duties. Discuss the licensing and enforcement issues that might need to be addressed and any other issues that should be considered. How might the Department of Revenue enforce the new licensing provisions? Could it create a new sub-department to do so? Could it direct another existing state agency to do so? Why, or why not? What do you think would be a good idea?

At the end of the course, it will be interesting to see if your impressions on your chosen topic have changed at all throughout the course. 




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