Examine the development of Human Rights protection in the United Kingdom

Using legal sources such as statutes and case law , use authoritative sources to support your answer


1.Rights are usually contained in a written constitution and example of this and compare to the UK which has an uncodified(un written) constitution but still protects rights

2. civil rights and freedoms in the UK before the incorporation on human rights of the European Convention on human rights and the role of the UK courts

.What is the European Convention on Human rights

4.The importance of the Human Rights Act 1998

5. Any criticism of the laws in this area?

6. Future of the European Convention on Human Rights at the end and mention a Brief about Brexit

You have to include :

The rule of law

Magna Carta

Trail by Jury

basically its like a time line of how the UK protected human rights in the past and how did this protection developed

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