This exam review is meant to be a study guide to help you prepare for the final. It is expected that you have an understanding of the major topics and be able to provide examples from class discussions and chapter readings to support your answers. The final exam will cover chapters 9-16 and will consist of 7 essay questions.
Essay Questions:

• Discuss and explain the relationship between training, development, and careers.

• Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover, and give examples of each.

• Discuss the three major provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

• What are the different types of pay for rewarding individual performance?

• What is the importance of benefits as a part of employee compensation?

• Why has there been a steady decline in union membership in the United States?

• Distinguish between international, multinational, and global organizations. Also briefly outline the HR issues associated with each type of organization.

• Discuss and explain how recruitment and selection practices contribute to high performance in an organization.

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