ESOURCES Briet Exercise 4-4 The ledger of Rios Company containe the following balances: Retained Eamings $30.609: Dvidends 1.5os: Service Revenue $51.567: Salanes and Wages Expense $27,996 and Supples Expense $735 e 4-11 Prepare the dlosing entries at December 31. (Credit occount titles are automatically indented when amount is ontered Do not indent manually. se 4 3 4- n 4-2 s 44 s4-5 Date Account TRles and Explanation Debit Creds Dec. 3) 4:3 (To dose revenue account ore esalts by cthe 31 (fe cose psnse acteunts 31 (Te dose ntnceme (lo)Y (e dose didends se or a arm t s 0 s e

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