Use Create Thread to post your custom problem and solution. You are encouraged to view and comment on your classmates’ posts. Sometimes it is helpful if you are having difficulty to ask how they arrive at their solutions. To do this, use the Reply button associated with their orignal post.Label your thread: Mod 1. Use this naming convention (Mod 1, Mod 2, Mod 3, and so forth) for all your initial Discussion Board posts throughout the course.Show supporting work and underline your answer. Please use MathType for your supporting work.ProblemThe difference quotient, D, is defined by the″>Find D if f(x) = [a]x2 + [c]x + [d] and simplify your answer.Grading: This posting will be graded out of 100 points. Each problem will be graded Credit/No Credit. If you receive a grade of No Credit, you may rework and repost the problem. You may receive help from your classmates or look at their postings to see where you went wrong. You may continue working on this posting until you attempt Test 1 at the end of Module 3.

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