Entrepreneurship MGT 602Instructions: (Marks: 20)Style must be Times New Roman and font size 14 with line spacing 1.5.Try to answer as clear as possible and to the pointUse handouts, books, websites and other reading material for reference purpose only. Don’t use them for copy and paste.Due Date: You have to upload or submit your assignment with in the due date mentioned.In case there is difficulty in uploading assignment on, students may send their solution through e-mails at but only within due date and time.All the students are directed to write their student ID in the box given below before starting the Quiz: such as(bc 000 111 222)Student IDQuestion 1: How does an entrepreneur write a business plan for an existing business which is growing rapidly?Question 2: How does an entrepreneur write a business plan for new product development?Hint: (you may discuss some questions which are important to answer in development of business plan for example financing, marketing, pricing or actual product development related issues)

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