ENTREPRENEURSHIP (MGT 602)ASSIGNMENT 2WINTER (2016)DUE DATE: 10TH MARCH 2016TOTAL MARKS: 20Instructions•This assignment covers lesson No. 11-15•Last date for submission of assignment is 11/04/2016•Give the answer according to question, no mark will be given for irrelevant material.•Don’t rely only on handouts, use other reference books also.•Mention the source (bibliography) which you are using for preparing your assignment.•Basic concepts in the language and words which are mentioned or written in your source but the application of those concepts must be in your own words.•Avoid long paragraph.•Make sure that you upload the solution before due date. No assignment will be accepted through e-mail after the due date.•Cheating or copying of assignment is strictly prohibited; No credit will be given to copied assignment.•Once you upload the assignment on University, it will not be replaced under any condition.Q.In what ways an entrepreneur become a part of the international business. Explain each of them briefly. (Marks: 20)

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