1 – If the price of Pepsi increases from $1.00 to $1.50 and as a result you buy 5 a week instead of 10 Pepsis. Calculate the elasticity of Demand. Determine whether Elastic, Inelastic or Unit Elastic is.2 – If the Total Revenue of a Firm is $2500 and its Accounting Profit is $1200: How much is the Explicit Cost?3 – If the Cost of Opportunity is $1500: How much is the Implicit Cost. Is he making an Economic Profit? Why or Why Not?4 – What is meant by Antitrust Regulations? Explain two (2) criteria to regulate Natural Monopolies.5 – Explain what is the Lorenz Curve? Mention the two types of Anti-Poverty Programs in USA.6 – 1. What do economists mean when they talk about “scarce” resources? Give 3 detailed examples, and explain each answer.

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