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The goal of the Term Research Project is to provide you with first-hand experience in conducting a research project from start to finish. The contents of your final written report should closely follow the suggested components listed below.

1. Throughout the entirety of the final document, all groups should keep in mind what the purpose of the research effort was in the first place and write a report that summarizes the findings of the data you collected as they relate to your original research question.

2. The final research report should be written as a business report (15-20 pages), including appropriate in-text citations, and should include the following components:

a. Prefatory information (title page, executive summary (write this last), table of contents.)
b. Introducts (research questions)
c. Literature Review: provide background information on the secondary research completed, discussing the quality of the sources as well as what you found and why it was relevant to this project
d. Methodology Used: explain both the “what” and the “why” of the research design, sampling design, data collection methods and data analysis tools. As well explain the limitations in the process that were identified along the way.
e. Data Analysis Results: describe the key findings from your analysis, what did the data show, use descriptive stats and hypothesis testing as required (also tables, charts, graphs, etc.)
f. Conclusions: Overall report summary as it relates to research objectives and questions, (i.e. what were the conclusions from your data analysis).
g. Appendices: Complete tables, statistical tests, supporting documents, forms and questionnaires and other evidence as required
h. Bibliography:
all referenced material in APA format
* Please note that you do NOT have to solve the problem or even make recommendations,
you simply have to describe the conclusions that your research effort generated.

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