E 16 of 22 Ouestions D Assignment Score: Hint 1477/2200 check Answer 9 Question 100/100 1 of se Attampes Corect Question 16 of 22 Determine if the statements and expressions regarding costs are true or false. 10 Question ( 100/100 1 of Attempts Comct True False 11 Question ( 1 of a Attampts Compct 100/100 All costs are either tixed or variable. The ATC is increasing wheneVer the MC is increasing 12 Question G0/100 3 ofAttempts Comect 13 Question ( 95/100 2 of an Attempts Comoct ATC- FCVC TC FC VCMC 14 Question 100/100 i of/ttompts Correct 15 Question 100/100 1 of Attempts Comoct Answer Bank The ATC crosses f'another unit be MC at the lowest point on the MC MC refers to the change in tolal cost associated with the production 16 Question 0/100 0 of/ttompts a horizontal line. The Ccurve is modled Average fixcd cost is always higher than average variable cost. 17 Question 0/100 O of Attempts When fixed costs positive, c average fixcd cost curve is downward-sloping. The ATC is rising when the MC is below the ATC. 18 Question 0/100 f/ttampt The ATC is always greater than or cqual to AVC 19 Question 0/100 O of an Attempes 20 Ouestion 0/100

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