During the process, there 4.6 there nade on working day Tasha Enterprise produces Keropok Lekor. During the 3 workers involve. Wages are pay base on system below i. Basic pay RM20.00 per day – payment made on ii. Overtime calculation base on 1 14 Bonus given base on time saving during working ho (Bonus given based on Halsey Scheme). Table below shown the information about the workers on Mei 2012 Workers Off day Working Hour (minutes) Unit produce (unit) 640 Arifah Atiah 1 day 3 days 4 days 15 minutes/unit 12 minutes/unit 10 minutes/unit Afifah 900 900 Additional note: i. Working days are 22 days per month. ii. Labour day is a Public Holiday. ili. Standard working hours are 176 hours per month. You have been request by Tasha Enterprise to calculate the way them

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