Consider the language L described by the regular expression:(0 1(01*0)*1)* List all strings in L of length five or shorter.
Draw a DFA or NFA that recognizes L. You don’t need to use the construction we discussed, just make sure whatever automaton you come up with recognizes L.
Suppose the strings in L are taken to be integers represented in base-2 (possibly with leading 0’s).Describe the set of integers that are in L. (By “describe”, we mean a simple characterization like “All the prime numbers.”)
Draw the state diagram for a simple DFA with three states that recognizes the strings over {a,b} that contain an even number of a’s or end in a ‘b’. Hint: The start state is an accept state and one of the other two states is the other accept state.

Use the construction from bookSipserto convert your DFA from Question 2 into an equivalent regular expression. You must draw several GNFA’s starting with the initial one (Recall: The initial GNFA has a special form.)

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