Doctoral research process

Discussion Questions

Below are 8 discussion questions. Each question response needs to be at least 400-600 words. Citing and references need to be in APA format.

What is the relationship of the scientific method to the process? How do theoretical paradigms (such as potential explanations of human social behavior) inform doctoral research? How might you apply this information to your own doctoral research?

Go to the Forums tab in the and explore the list of active forums. Select one of the forums that you believe may be of value to you given your dissertation field of interest. Identify the forum topic you selected, and summarize the contents of the existing forum posts for that topic. Why do you believe this forum may be helpful to you? How might interaction in the DC forums be a meaningful activity during your dissertation process? Explain.

Using the DC Network, locate information about the Ten Strategic Points, the Prospectus, the Proposal, and the Dissertation. What is the purpose of each of these documents? How do you anticipate interacting with these documents? Explain.

In light of the 10 Strategic Points, what insights do you have on your proposed dissertation topic? How are you currently formulating your research approach? Based on your current understanding of research methodologies, what hurdles or barriers are you going to need to address to move your research forward? (Research is not required to support your conclusions.) How will the information on finding a content expert (see “Finding a Content Expert” in topic materials) influence your research plans?

Using the information you provided in your application to the GCU Doctoral Program, briefly describe a potential topic of interest for your dissertation. How do you believe this research will contribute to the body of knowledge in your field? How might reading the literature in your field assist you in choosing a topic? (Research is not required to support your conclusions.)

What process would you use to determine what literature to use for your literature review? How does methodology of the study come into play? How might you use questions to determine what literature to use in your review?

Drawing upon your knowledge from LDR 800 Ethical Dilemmas and Stewardship, studies and literature research you have completed, and the readings in this module, reflect upon the role of ethics in the research process.

a) Discuss ethics concepts and principles that could apply to the conduct of your dissertation study.

b) Explain any concerns/uncertainties you have regarding ethical conduct during dissertation research.

8. What are some of the ethical issues that can arise during a research study? What tools are available to research institutions to assure ethical compliance of the researchers?

The attachment below for Question 3 and 4.

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