doce Francis X Chapter 1 Feries ter 1 Exercises Required information Use the following information for exercises 15 to 18 LO P2 The following information applies to the questions displayed below! On October 1 Ebony Ernst organized Ernst Consulting on October the owner contributed $84 000 in assets in exchange for its common stock to launch the business On October 31. the company&#39;s records show the following items and amounts Accounts receivable Office Supplies 14.00 3.25 Cash dividends In revenue Renteese Telephone expense Exercise 1-15 Preparing an income statement LO P2 Using the above information prepare an Octoberncome statement for the business 10 11 12 of 12 Next > pter 1 Exercises Saved Required information Using the above information prepare an October income statement for the business rt 1 of 3 ERNST CONSULTING Income Statement eBook References < Prev 10 11 12 of 12 Next > e here to search De Ê OⓇ

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