Disk F (se Fig. P.12.34) rotates uniformly at a speed ω rad/sec. To measure this speed we have placed two cantilever beams into the disk and have connected them with a guy wire which is just taught where ω = 0. Where ω ≠ 0 a strain will be developed at c where we have a strain gage. If for each cantilever the diameter is 10 mm and E = 2 x 1011 Pa. find ω for a strain of .0002. The guy wire has an area of 60 mm2 and a modules of elasticity of 2 x 1011 Pa. Neglect the mass of the guy wire and recall from physics that the centrifugal force of particle of mass m rotating about a point r units away with speed ω is mrω2. Finally, the rods each have a weight per meter of 15 N/m.


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