Discussion Question One


Unit 2: Discussion question 1- From a Christian worldview, how should government authorities conduct themselves? What are the advantages of a Godly government? What are the disadvantages of a government that does not include God? Answer Preview……………

Government was instituted by God to treat people better. Therefore, government authorities should conduct themselves respectably in order to sustain God’s will. Again, ruling bodies were propounded by God. Government is generated from authority and thus those in power are servants of God. Moreover, government authority is a limited obligation which derives its power primarily from God. Such limited and derived authority should be exercised for overall wellbeing of people. Government grants earthly protection and justice. Thus, government authorities should conduct themselves justly in order to maintain peaceful coexistence. Lastly, government should display noble conduct and generate social space. Godly government generates vibrant benefits. First, successful ruling is evident in those governments which acts according to the will of God. Government was initially started by God who grants power for successful reign. Justice and government protection against invasion is yet another great advantage of establishing God fearing administration. Ultimate protection stems from God solely. Godly government attracts concerned state economic prosperity. Nation’s prosperity and financial success originates mainly from ruling bodies…………. APA 314 words Added to cart

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