Discuss trending topics that relate to your concentration

Find and discuss 3 articles in your concentration area (i.e., OB, CB, or General Psych) that discuss trending topics that relate to your concentration.

Use the following Web sites to find the trending topics in your concentration:

Identify your concentration, and address the following questions based on the articles:

Where is it heading?

What does it focus on?

What are some of the current issues?

NOTE: The articles should have a future focus as opposed to a historical perspective.

Some examples of topics include the following:

For OB: Social responsibility, motivation, and globalization

For CB: Customer service and customer satisfaction

For General Psych: Computerized cognitive treatments, positive psychology in the workplace, and sports psychology


American Psychological Association. (2014). Retrieved from 

Society for Consumer Psychology. (2014). Retrieved from 

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. (2014). Retrieved from 



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