Direct Method and Overhead Rates Jasmine Compery manutactures both pesticide and liquid fertiliaer, with each product manufactured in separate depaments Three suepert departments support the production departments: Power, General Fectary, and Purchasing. Budgeted data on the fve depertmentsTn flows Support Departments Preducing Departments General Liquid Ferer Power Factory Purchasing Peaticide s80,000 $334.000) Overhead s169,000 $107,400 Square feet 1,s00 800 200 1,40 24,000 Machine hours 1,345 8.000 40 120 Purchase orders The company does not break overhead into faxed and variable components. The bases for atocation are power-machine hours: general factary-square eet; and purchasing-purchase onders Required 1. Alocate the ovehead cests to the preducing depanments using the direct method. If required, und your aocation tos to four decimal giaces and round alocated cos to the nearest delar and use the rounded values for the subquet calo Cost assignment Pesticide Liquid Fertitrer Direct costs Powen General Factory Purthasing Tetal 2. Using machine hours, compute departmental everhead rates (Round the evernead rates to the nearest cent) Departmental overhead rates per machine hour Pesticide LUpuid Fertiliaen per machine hour

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