Dion 20. Which of the song is the correct try to record the party the 10 days the company pod tym hers Cash A 1.000 1.000 B Accounts Paya Purchases Discounts C) Accounts Payable Dj Purchases 1.000 Use the following to answer questions 22:28 Date Varus Corporation uses the periodic inventory system and the following information about their Slim-line laptop computer is available: Transaction Number of Uns Cost per un Beginning Inventory $1,500 $1,450 8/10 Purchase 300 $1,400 10/15 Purchase $1,300 515 During the year, 1 000 laptop computers were sold. 27. What was ending inventory and cost of goods sold on 12/31 under the FIFO costow assumption? A) $800,000 and $1.387.500 B) $525.000 and $1.462.500 C) $520,000 and $1,467.500 D) None of the above. 28 What was ending inventory and cost of goods sold on 12/31 under the LIFO cost flow assumption? A) $567,857 and $1,419,643 B) $600,000 and $1 387 500 C) $525.000 and $1,462.500 Dj None of the above. 29. Which of the following is true about financing assets by using more stockholders' equity? A) it presents higher risk to the company B) It usually requires the company to pay a foed dividend rate to investors C) The corporation must retire the shares through repurchasing them in the future. D) None of the above is true 30 Which of the following statements is false? A) Use of more debt in the company's capital structure usually reduces the rate of retum generated for stockholders. B) Use of more debt in the capital structure can lead to positive financial leverage if we can generate a return on investment in assets greater than the cost of borrowing

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