Essay – Response Essay Letter about Process (graded)For the past two weeks, you have been working on your response essay. The writing prompt—about your gifts for the world and what you really need in your life—is asking you to consider your values, morals, and ethics.Your writing assignment this week is meant to help you plan your next step in the writing process: revision. You will write a letter addressed to your instructor about your plans to improve your essay.Review all of the material that you have on your essay so far:your idea map/outlinethe feedback which you received from your peersthe rough draft of your essaythe page or so of comments on your writing that you received from the Smarthinking tutorthe comments you received from your instructor on your rough draftAs you look at all of your writing process material, think about answering one fundamental question in your “Letter about Process:”How will I make this essay into the best piece of writing that I can create right now, at this point in my life? In order to answer that question fully, you will study Chapter 15 in our textbook and this material about the elements of an essay.Download from Doc Sharing assignment instructions and the sample process essay.Submit your letter to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page

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