Main Idea (graded)Please read Week 5, Reading Module #3 and tell me:• why the main idea is important• what the Three-Step Method is for identifying the main idea.Watch the video and do the On Your Own Exercise #4. (It’s in Doc Sharing/Week 5)In your e-book, Read page 588, What is a Main Idea (It’s at the bottom of the page.) Also read, Identifying the topic and tell me:• What’s the question you need to ask yourself to find the topic?• Do Exercise 1, Identifying the Topic of a SentenceRead page 592, Identifying the Controlling Idea and tell me:• What’s the question you need to ask yourself to help you identify the controlling thought or the author’s focus?• Do Exercise 2, Identifying the Controlling Idea of a Paragraph.Read page 593, Understanding Stated Main Ideas.• Do Exercise #4 on page 596. (Skip Exercise #3)Read page 605, Use Your Strategies 1(It’s in the middle of the page)• Do what they ask you to do at the beginning: Define the italicized word in each paragraph and the main idea of each paragraph. Do all 10 of them.Read, Have a Good Night on page 607.• Follow the instructions at the end of the essay, Use Your Strategies 2 Questions.I hope you find these exercises useful! Of course you will eventually put your work in the Dropbox.This section lists options that can be used to view responses.week 6The Reading Module #4 (graded)Greetings!On the final exam, you will need to identify whether the main idea in a paragraph is stated or unstated. Therefore, I suggest you pay close attention to this Reading Module #4. (You’ll find it in Doc Sharing/Week 6).• Tell me the three questions you need to ask to help identify the unstated main idea.• Do On Your Own #4.Thanks!week 7A Little Essay! (graded)Please write a short essay about one of the following topics:• Online classes versus conventional classes• Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars• Time management• Politics• Religion• Drugs• (Whatever you want!)I look forward to reading what you have to say!Practice Exam (graded)After completing your Practice Exam (download the exam from Doc Sharing), discuss any areas where you had problems. What questions do you have before you take the Final Exam? Make sure you also read and react to others’ posts in this Discussion.Thanks!

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