The Reading Modules can be accessed using the “Reading Module” link under each week. In the Reading Module, you will use a moderated tutorial(Visualize This!) that explains new concepts and how to apply them to your reading and writing. Once you have completed the tutorials, you will complete exercises called “On Your Own” assignments. The links for these assignments are found at the bottom of the Reading Module pages. The On Your Own forms can also be found in Doc Sharing.The steps to using the Reading Module are as follows:Read: First read through the Reading Module #1 tab this week to understand the concepts.Review: Then review the Modeling Tutorial in the Visualize This! section at the bottom of the Reading Module. This tutorial will help you to complete the graded “On Your Own” exercise at the bottom of the Reading Module.Complete the Assignment: Open and complete the graded “On Your Own” exercise at the bottom of the Reading Module. You will need to upload this assignment to the Dropbox for this week. Save the file to your computer.Note about saving files: Use “Save As . . .” rather than just “Save” to be sure to save the file to a permanent folder on your computer. (Just clicking “Save” can send the file to a temporary folder, which can be difficult to find later.) Please include your last name in the file name, such as “Jackson_Wk1_ENGL092.” Remember, too, that all DVUO students are required to use Microsoft Office. Please submit your assignments as Word files (files with .docx extensions).Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page

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