Reading Strategies (graded)OK, here we go! I’m going to ask you to answer some questions from your reading in the textbook. Please submit your answers in the thread below and then submit it to the Dropbox. You will find a tutorial for the Dropbox uner “Assignments”.• On page 20, you will find ten vocabulary words that have been taken from the essay on “Health”. Write the definitions of these words.• As you continue reading the essay(pages 20-26) answer these questions:1. What didn’t you know before reading the essay?2. What do you agree with?3. What do you disagree with?You may stop reading at “Thinking and Writing After Reading”.week 1 discun 2Reading and Writing Processes (graded)Please read pages 34-38. They are full of suggestions to help you get started when you write an essay.• Tell me which of these techniques you feel will help you the most or will be most useful to you:1. Brainstorming and free-writing2. Branching3. Outlining4. Idea mapping.• Then read page 39 and answer these questions:1. What is an essay?2. What are the three parts of an essay?• Now, read pages 40-42. You may stop at Exercise 2-6. I hope you are getting a sense of how to approach the best way to write essays.• Next and lastly, please read the “Reading Module #1”.1. What are the five reading strategies they mention? (Don’t do the box, “Expert Says”)2. Watch the video and do the “On Your Own Exercise #1.Of course, you are going to put your responses in the thread below and then into the Dropbox. Thanks!week 2 discnnReview of Lecture in Week 2 (graded)From the Lecture in Week 2, you will find the answers to these questions:1. What are the steps in “A typical Paragraph’s Structure”?2. What are the 4 stages in the “Writing Process”?3. What is a “Thesis Statement”?I suggest you keep the answers to these questions in your notebooks as they will be helpful during the next few weeks. They will also be helpful when you take the final exam! Please write the answers in the thread.Now, please write a paragraph on any topic. Be sure that it follows the steps you have just read about. Remember, your paragraph should have a thesis statement. Please put it in the thread and the Dropbox.Summarizing and an Essay(graded)Please read the story, “A Note to Parents”, by Ruben Navarrette, Jr on pages 272-274.• Write a SUMMARY of this story, using your own words.• Write an ESSAY about parenting. Before writing it, however, organize your ideas. Open up your notebooks and use brainstorming or outlining or an idea mapping or some way to help you figure out what you’re going to write. I encourage you to review pages 459-464 in the textbook. Remember to write at least three paragraphs.• REVIEW your masterpiece before submitting it to me in the thread and the Dropbox! This step is extremely important!

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