Essay 3: Position Paper Outline & References Page dueAfter you have read your assigned reading for this week, choose a topic that has at least two clear points of view that can each be defended in an academic and verifiable manner. It is best to check with your professor to make sure your topic is appropriate. Once you have decided on your topic and the point of view you want to build upon, write an outline for your position essay.While the final draft of this paper is not due until the end of Week 8, you will submit an outline and references page to your professor this week. Please note that you will also be required to submit a draft to your professor in Week 6 and to our peer review in Week 7.Refer to this week’s lecture for detailed requirements and guidelines on how to write an outline for a position essay.Successful Outline Requirements:Follow the sample format in this week’s lecture to create an outline appropriate in scope for a 5-page persuasive paper (in addition to the title page and reference page) with no less than 3 academic sources included. NOTE: please avoid topics that are focused on religious, moral, or overly emotional debates.You must clearly state your topic (which should be debatable in nature), draft an introduction paragraph, with a complete and persuasive thesis statement, and outline three main points that you will discuss in your paper, followed by two sub-points for each main point. Remember to include both viewpoints/sides of the topic.A possible conclusion paragraph should also be drafted.Outlines should not exceed one page, unless discussed and approved with your professor.Provide APA references for three academic sources that you plan to use to support your position.Be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word 2010 document (.docx), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.

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