Determine the residual stresses in segments (1) and (2) of the bar AC in Prob. 3.11-4 in a force P = 300 kN is applied and then completely removed.

Prob. 3.11-4

Repeat Prob. 3.11-3 for the two-segment bar in Fig. 3.11-4. Let the bar have a stress-strain diagram of the form illustrated in Fig. P3.11-3b, with σY = 250 MPa and E = 200 GPa.The cross-sectional areas of the respective segments of the bar are A1 = 500 mm2 and A2 800 mm2 

Prob. 3.11-3

The two-segment statically indeterminate bar in Fig. P3.11-3a has a constant cross-sectional area A = 0.8 in2. It is made entirely of material that has an elastic, perfectly-plastic stress-strain behavior illustrated in Fig. P3.11-3b, with   (a) Determine the load PY at which first yielding occurs, and determine the corresponding displacement uY of section B where the load P is applied. (b) Determine the load PU at which yielding occurs in the remaining segment of the bar, and determine the corresponding displacement uU of section B. (c) Sketch a load-displacement diagram, that is, sketch a diagram of P versus u up to PU.


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