Before beginning your assignment, read the article in the module resources by Heather Russino on how rubrics can help you to improve your grades. After you have read the assignment directions below but before you start writing your assignment, be sure to examine the Written Assignment 1 rubric, found in the Evaluation Rubrics folder.

Compose a brief document of between 250 and 500 words (approximately 1½ to 2 pages long) explaining one of the following aspects of academic policy at TESU:

Course extensions Course withdrawals and refunds Transfer credit policy Policy against discrimination and harassment Submission of fraudulent documents policy

Read about the policy or procedure and explain it fully, describing it in your own words rather than merely copying what is in the original document. Be sure you use the rubric to help you complete the assignment successfully.

After completing your explanation of the policy, add 150 to 200 words (one to two paragraphs) indicating how the embedded rubric helped you to focus and improve your assignment.

In your assignment you should:

Explain the policy/procedure completely and accurately. Describe the policy in your own words rather than copying the description on the website. Provide at least one example of a situation that might bring a student into contact with the policy. Check to make sure your description is well organized and clearly written, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Indicate how using the rubric helped you to focus and improve your assignment. [MO 1.2, MO 1.3]

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