1. Research Title: What Leicester City’s premier league victory tell us about transformational leadership in practice
2. Research Aim: To understand more clearly how transformational leadership works in practice and whether this theory provides a model for [a] describing the leadership demonstrated by Claudio Ranieri during Leicester City’s premier league success and [b] accounting for its impact.
3. Research Objectives (between 2 and 4):
1. Describe the elements of transformational leadership theory
2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of transformational leadership as an explanation for enhanced organisational performance, in comparison to other main theories
3. Explore the nature of leadership practiced by Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City’s manager, during Leicester City’s premier league title success
4 Evaluate the extent to which Bass model of transformational leadership provides an adequate explanation for both the [a] nature and [b] impact of the leadership demonstrated by Ranieri during Leicester City’s title winning season

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