Its sayingAssessment 1 Self-directed Learning Plan Due date Week 3Weighting 30%SubmissionYour assignment will be submitted into a Turnitin submission box within the NMIH204 Moodle site. You will have the opportunity to review and re-submit your assignment up to the due date and time.Type of Collaboration IndividualLength 700 wordsDetailsPart of the registration standards to be a registered nurse includes completing a minimum amount of self-directed continuing professional development hours per year. This involves identifying learning needs, creating an action plan and reflecting on this action and its relevance to your practice.Thinking about what you’ve learnt in your first year of study (or previous study), identify and reflect upon a gap in your knowledge. This may be something related to a particular body system, disease process, theory or anything you have found challenging. Perhaps you did not do as well as you had hoped in an exam or assessment related to this. The idea of reflection is about improving. In this assessment you will complete a ‘What? So what? Now what?’ (Driscoll, 2007) reflection and action plan about your knowledge gap.Instructions 1. Describe a gap in your knowledge (What?) 200 words 2. Discuss the significance of this gap (So what?) 300 words 3. Complete the template (found on the eLearning site) (Now what?) 200 words You should include supportive evidence for the ‘so what?’ section of this paper as well as include suggested resources you may use in the ‘now what?’ template where appropriate. You should use first person for the ‘what?’ and ‘so what?’ sections of this assessment. Style and format Reflection and template Subject Learning Outcomes1,2,4,5Marking Criteria See Rubric page 6

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