DEBATE REVIEW AND DISCUSSIONS ASSIGNMENT  The writing of the four page minimum paper is not captured by the five hour online aspect of the online portion. The focus for the debate assignment is to continue to pay attention to any definite arguments – the V and T argument structures (identify at least two), but this time pay more attention to the conditional types of arguments that may arise within the documentary. These are statements are include things like, “If this, then this.” Or “Either this or this” – or any of the valid forms we looked at in class. Once you have identified at least 4 throughout the movie, diagram them either through a sentential structure or a symbolic one and briefly describe how they are used in the documentary. For a bonus, see if you can find an invalid argument – one that either denies the antecedent or affirms the consequent. Finally, give comment to your views on a comparison between the more definite argument structures and the conditional argument structures as you have found them in the documentary. As part of this discussion, indicate what it is have you learned by watching this video that you will need to be mindful of when engaging in your own debate later on in the course.  – talk through the various arguments you have identified within the documentary. ……. …..

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