Discussion 1A few years ago, the CEO of Apple Computer invited Steve Jobs (who was not associated with the company at the time) to serve as a special adviser and raise morale among Apple employees and customers.While doing this, Jobs spent more time advising the CEO on how to cut costs, redraw the organization chart, and hire new people. Before long, most of the top people at Apple were Job’s colleagues, who began to systematically evaluate and weed out teams of Apple employees. While publicly supporting Apple’s CEO, Jobs privately criticized him and, in a show of no confidence, sold 1.5 million shares of Apple stock he had received.This action caught the attention of Apple’s board of directors, who soon after decided to replace the CEO with Steve Jobs. The CEO claimed Jobs was a conniving back-stabber who used political tactics to get his way. Others suggest that Apple would be out of business today if he had not taken over the company. In your opinion, were Steve Job’s actions examples of organizational politics?Finally, be sure to cite your sources in APA formatting. Answer the discussion question by Day 2, and respond to your peers no later than day 7.Reada selection of your peer’s postings.Discussion 2How does networking increase a person’s power? What networking strategies could you initiate now to potentially enhance your future career success?Reada selection of your peer’s postings.

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