Currently there are 4 different companies that make sewing machines and each claim that their machines are the fastest. Your wants some empirical evidence that determines which company has the fastest sewing machine. They would like a statistical analysis conducted to provide this information. You are required to design an experiment to test which sewing machine is fastest. Describe how you would set-up and conduct the experiment. Your description should include:Identify and describe the variables used in the study.Furthermore, provide a brief explanation why you used these particular variables. Company ACompany BCompany CCompany DThese are the variables because we need this empirical evidence to determine which company makes the fastest sewing machine.In addition, describe how you would set-up the experiment.Explain how you would collect the data for the response variable. ANOVA test.How you will execute the experiment to generate the data needed for the statistical analysisI would take a sample of times it takes the machines to complete the same tasks.Also, included in your answer, a description on how you would set up the hypothesis test ????????????????????Explain how will you use the results of the experiment to make your business decision?

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