Currency Exchange Practice On paper draw both currency graphs with the Dollar market on the left and the other currency on the right. Once you have drawn the change and properly labeled everything, write off to the side whether each currency is appreciating or depreciating. Also, write what will happen to U.S. exports as a result of the change in exchange rate. 6. US $ and the Chilean Peso (CLPS): The two countries sign a trade agreement that dramatically increases the food Chile will export to the US during the winter in the northern hemisphere. 7. US $ and the Euro (€): Gasoline prices spike to $10.00 a gallon worldwide and German car companies introduce several models of cars that get 75 miles per gallon in efficiency. 8. US $ and the Australian Dollar (AS): After massive flooding in Australia, the US decides to send billions in aid money to Australia. 9. US $ and the Russian Ruble (O): Russians decide that US cars are extremely fashionable to own. 10. US $ and the Nigerian Naira (N): The US increases investments in newly discovered oil fields in Nigeria.

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