Critique of Three Forms of Internet Communication

GEN499: General Education Capstone

I clearly remember the first time I experienced the World Wide Web. I was an Airman in the Air Force and was tasked to transmit our office’s daily transactions to the squadron’s computer room using the internet. This technology was eye opening to a country boy from Iowa like myself. At this point in the Internet revolution, the world was just beginning to experience the Internet and many could only begin to imagine what the future might offer in day to day communications. Online newcomers like CompuServe and America Online were just beginning to show off their flashy new applications. Fast forward twenty-five years and Internet now provides a vast array of communication methods. In this paper, I will examine three methods of communication in the arena of social media security while searching for clues to determine the validity, and applicability of the messages. I will then discuss the influence of web-based information on global citizenship and multicultural understanding. Finally I will present three major factors that I feel are a requirement when considering an Internet source for inclusion in a research document.

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